Consultancy and Events

We have marketing and sales experts ready and able to help you take some small steps or some giant leaps in your business. Offering Marketing plans, Business Strategy Consultancy and also guidance on all things digital.

We host regular free networking events where you can bring and showcase your products/services. We offer free training, advice and shared experiences in these sessions as well as a tasty breakfast/lunch at a local venue. We try and bring businesses together to offer support to one another and assistance to move forward to reach their shared end goal. Introducing local businesses to one another has proven a successful way to motivate and inspire businesses and also offers business friendships that they otherwise might not have had, but may well have needed.

Look out for our events, advertised here and across our social media channels.

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Our Consultancy Packages

Marketing Booster

Analyse current online strategy and provide summary report Devise an online and offline plan based on research, statistics and expert experience

Work with you and your team to deliver the plan and strategy Monitor your marketing



We work with clients to get their services talked about and products seen. With new and exciting ideas and creative ways to get your business noticed, talk to us about how we can help your business stand out amongst the crowd. We have showcased our clients on-board airlines, on-board super yachts and have sponsored prestigious sporting events in the UK. We make connections that you might not have thought about and reach places you would never think possible.

  • Consulting on Strategies that work face to face
  • Humanised Digital Marketing Solutions
  • Ensuring your business is discovered and noticed
  • Brighten your business in real-time, not just on social media
  • Let us help you remember who you are and where you are trying to go

Every business needs an online presence. If not for more customers, then for location benefits & to secure trust in the brand. A website can offer peace of mind to your potential customers. We have the most affordable '1st website' solution.

If you are about to embark on a new start up, we know it can be daunting with lots to think about.

We have a 'side-by-side' consultancy package which will make you feel like you have a business partner to help you along the way. Step by step we can guide you, support you and assist you from the first moment until the big launch.

When you have to be the creator, designer, marketing team, sales team, accounts team and customer service team all by yourself there is a lot to think about. From just £99 a month, you can ensure that each milestone is reached for a smooth launch of your business.

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If your business is just ticking over doing the same process day to day and seeing no increase in sales or customers then perhaps it needs a little nudge or a new fresh marketing plan?

We can audit your business from the outside seeing how it is performing in-house and online. Sometimes just getting an audit report on paper is enough to see what you need to change. It can be enough to provide ideas to help you move the business forwards or we can do that for you.

With business analysis services starting at £149 we can set the starting blocks up for you to ensure a fast and effective launch to the finish line.

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Get seen online! Make sales, receive bookings and provide an easy to use customer experience online within your business.

Whether you need to increase your online visibility, increase traffic, better your SEO online for search engines to your website or look at adding, changing and replacing a website, we can help.

We'll consider all relevant factors after careful research to demonstrate how each change will benefit your business. We take care to provide solutions to suit those capable of making changes themselves and those who want to completely outsource their online services.

Grow your business online with us now.

It's true that no-one knows your business better than you. You know your customers, your target market and the resources you have available.

If you're passionate about your business and your employees are too then some training in-house could be all you need to give your marketing a kick-start and your social media and interesting and creative feed. We offer training in

- Blog Writing

- Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn

- Marketing - Covering PR, Email Marketing, Humanised Marketing and Online Marketing

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Personalised Social Media Printable Campaign Calendar

12 months of customised campaign ideas spread out in accordance with seasons, predicted trends, desired reach, end goals and overall to drive traffic and sales to your business. Print it off and refer to it for ideas, guidance, a boost and most importantly a social media strategy for one whole year. Our professional marketeers will come together to devise an annual calendar to set the basis for 12 months of social media posts.

From as little as £149

Social Media / Linked In Marketing Training

One to One, or for groups of up to 10 people, we have devised training packages to help to

  • Familiarise staff with the online and digital world or
  • Fully utilise the online world to be confident for success

We offer training across all social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. We also offer a marketing brainstorming and training session for groups of up to 8 people to encourage initiative, growth, inspired ideas and company success within the workplace, including delegation, time management and key skill matching.